Books about ants and myrmecology (English)

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Ants, their structure, developement and behaviour
de William Morton Wheeler
01/01/1910 Science
British Ants:
Their Life-History and Classification

de Horace Donisthorpe
01/01/1915 Identification
The Guests of British Ants
Their habits and life histories

de Horace Donisthorpe
The Life of the Ant
de Maurice Maeterlinck
01/01/1930 Science
de Julian Huxley
The Soul of the White Ant
de Eugene Marais
01/01/1937 Termites
Mosaics and Other Anomalies Among Ants
de William Morton Wheeler
The Ants of North America
de William Steel Creighton
01/04/1950 Science
The Association of Ants with Aphids and Coccids
de Gilbert Edward James Nixon
01/01/1951 Science
The ant world
de D.W. Morley
01/01/1953 Science
The new naturalist monograph n°8

de D.W. Morley
01/01/1953 Identification
The study of ants
de Sydney Harold Skaife
01/01/1961 Science
The social biology of ants
de Edward O. Wilson
01/01/1963 Science
Ants Observed
de P.P. Larson, M.W. Larson
01/01/1967 Science
Army ants
A study in social organization

de Theodore Christian Schneirla
01/01/1971 Science
Gardening ants
The Attines

de Neal Albert Weber
01/06/1972 Science
Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects
Hymenoptera, Formicidae

de Barry Bolton, Cedric A. Collingood
01/06/1975 Identification
The Identification and Distribution of New World Army Ants (Dorylinae Formicidae)
de Julian F. Watkins
01/06/1976 Science, Identification
de M.V. Brian
01/01/1977 Science
Ant Research 1954-1976
de M.V. Brian, A. Abbott, B. Pearson, J. Wardlaw
01/01/1977 Science
Production Ecology of Ants and Termites
de Michael Vaughan Brian
01/01/1978 Termites
The World of an Ant Hill
de M.V. Brian
01/01/1979 Science
The Social Biology of Ants
de Klaus Dumpert
01/01/1981 Science
The social biology of ants
de Klaus Dumpert
01/01/1981 Science
Ant-plant interactions in Australia
de Ralf Buckley
30/09/1982 Science
The Evolutionary Ecology of Ant–Plant Mutualisms
de Andrew James Beattie
29/10/1985 Science
Fire ants and leaf-cutting ants
Biology and management

de Clifford S. Lofgren, Robert K. Vander Meer
20/06/1986 Science
The Behavioural Ecology of Ants
de John Hilton Sudd, Nigel R.Franks
01/01/1987 Science
Ants of the british isles
de Gary J. Skinner
01/10/1987 Science
Advances in myrmecology
de James C. Trager, George Carlos Wheeler
01/01/1988 Science
The Ants
de Bert Hölldobler, Edward O. Wilson
28/03/1990 Identification, Science
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Applied myrmecology
A world perspective

de Robert K. Vander Meer, Klaus Jaffe, Aragua Cedeno
18/08/1990 Science
Ant-Plant Interactions
de Camilla R. Huxley, David F. Cutler
15/08/1991 Science
Exotic Ants
Biology, Impact, and Control of Introduced Species

de David F. Williams
01/02/1994 Science
Identification guide to the ant genera of the world
de Barry Bolton
01/06/1994 Science, Identification
Army Ants
The Biology of Social Predation

de Wiliam H. Gotwald
01/05/1995 Science
Journey to the ants
A story of scientific exploration

de Bert Hölldobler, Edward O. Wilson
05/09/1995 Science
Social evolution in ants
de Andrew F. G. Bourke, Nigel R.Franks
16/10/1995 Science
A new general catalogue of the ants of the world
de Barry Bolton
20/12/1995 Science
de Gary J. Skinner, Geoffrey W. Allen
01/01/1996 Science, Identification
Ants and Plants
An Example of Coevolution

de P. Jolivet
01/01/1996 Science
A bibliography of ant systematics
de Philip S. Ward, Barry Bolton, Steven O. Shattuck, William L. Brown
22/09/1996 Science
The earth dwellers, adventures in the land of ants
de Erich Hoyt
01/11/1996 Science
The world of the harverster ants
de Stephen Welton Taber
01/04/1998 Identification, Science
Ants at work
How an insect society is organized

de Deborah GORDON
01/01/1999 Science
Australian Ants
Their Biology and Identification

de Steven O. Shattuck
30/10/1999 Science, Identification
Fire ants
de Stephen Welton Taber
01/08/2000 Science
Standard methods for measuring and monitoring biodiversity

de Donate Agosti, Jonathan D. Majer, Leanne E. Alonso, Ted R. Schultz
17/10/2000 Science, Identification
Evolution, Sociality, Symbiosis, Ecology

de Takuya Abe, David Edward Bignell, Msdshiko Higashi
01/11/2000 Termites
The Ants of Northern Australia
A Guide to the Monsoonal Fauna

de Alan Neil Anderson
01/12/2000 Science, Identification