A Field Guide to the Ants of New England



This book is the first user-friendly regional guide devoted to ants—the “little things that run the world.” Lavishly illustrated with more than 500 line drawings, 300-plus photographs, and regional distribution maps as composite illustrations for every species, this guide will introduce amateur and professional naturalists and biologists, teachers and students, and environmental managers and pest-control professionals to more than 140 ant species found in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada.

The detailed drawings and species descriptions, together with the high-magnification photographs, will allow anyone to identify and learn about ants and their diversity, ecology, life histories, and beauty. In addition, the book includes sections on collecting ants, ant ecology and evolution, natural history, and patterns of geographic distribution and diversity to help readers gain a greater understanding and appreciation of ants.

[b]Aaron M. Ellison[/b] is senior research fellow in ecology at Harvard University's Harvard Forest and adjunct research professor of biology and environmental conservation at the University of Massachusetts. [b]Nicholas J. Gotelli[/b] is professor of biology at the University of Vermont. [b]Elizabeth J. Farnsworth[/b] is senior research ecologist at New England Wild Flower Society. [b]Gary D. Alpert[/b] is an environmental biologist on the staff of the Environmental Health and Safety Department at Harvard University.

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  • ixPreface
  • xiiiAcknowledgments
  • 11. Ants and the New England Landscape
  • 112. Ant Basics: Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
  • 283. Observing, Catching, and Collecting Ants
  • 444. Identifying Ants
  • 595. Descriptions of, and Keys to, the Subfamilies, Genera, and Species of New England Ants
  • 3336. The Biogeography of New England Ants
  • 353Bibliography and Further Readings
  • 364Internet Resources
  • 367Index
  • 393Map of the Counties of New England
  • 394Checklist of the Ants of New England
  • 397About the Authors